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Rtown Ford, your Baltimore Ford dealer, is proud to bring our clients a huge variety of new and used vehicles for you to shop. Our team is always working to improve the way we sell vehicles, staying side-by-side with our clients through the whole car-buying process. We bring you the kind of superior care it takes to keep coming back every time to buy a new vehicle. You can also rely on our service team to keep your vehicle running at peak performance. No matter what your issue happens to be, our team will do everything in our power to fix the issue exclusively OEM parts. Make your way to your Ford dealership in Baltimore, Rtown Ford, and get your vehicle serviced today.

Your Ford dealer in MD, Rtown Ford, is always looking to be our clients’ Dealership For Life. If you become part of the Preston For Life program, then you will be treated to a number of benefits plus complimentary service. The Preston For Life program is available in three unique tiers, ensuring that you get the policy you need for peace of mind while staying true to your budget limits. If you happen to be looking for a used vehicle at your Ford dealership in Baltimore, you should take a look at our No Haggle Pricing policy. This makes sure that you are always getting competitive and consistent prices on our used inventory. Purchase the vehicle you need a price that fits your budget when you shop at Rtown Ford, your Baltimore Ford dealer.