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Ford And Amazon Alexa

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Rtown Ford knows that you live an on-the-go lifestyle and that you are always looking for the latest advancements in technology that will make your life easier. Here at your local Ford dealership near Baltimore MD, we are looking to improve our guest’s driving lives, making them more convenient and efficient. Our team at Rtown Ford is elated that Ford has teamed up with Amazon to bring their cloud-based voice service to the cabins of the latest Ford vehicles. There are a number of vehicles in stock at your local Ford dealership near Baltimore MD that are compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Use the Ford SYNC® system to access Amazon Alexa via simple voice commands. Never worry about diverting your attention away from the road as you only need to speak up to use this tool. It doesn’t matter how much noise is in the cabin or even if the windows are all the way down, Amazon Alexa will still hear your command. The experienced staff at your local Ford dealership near Baltimore MD can show you how this technology can improve your driving life. Amazon Alexa can help you get where you need to be.

Amazon Alexa in Your Ford

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Use the Ford SYNC® AppLink® system to install the Amazon Alexa app and get started right away. Enter your Amazon account information and you’ll be able to have your inquiries addressed by saying Alexa’s name. A few examples of how you could use Amazon Alexa include:

- “Alexa, where is the nearest gas station?”

- “Alexa, will it rain in Baltimore tomorrow?”

- “Alexa, call Jamie”

- “Alexa, what is the status of my order?”

- “Alexa, take me to Annapolis”

- “Alexa, play my country music playlist”

- “Alexa, what is the score of the Baltimore Orioles game?”

The team at Rtown Ford knows that you are sure to enjoy how Amazon Alexa will improve any trip you take in your Ford F-150, Ford Mustang, or any other compatible Ford model. Amazon Alexa is the perfect driving partner, making any trip you take easier and less stressful. Our staff can show you how Amazon Alexa pairs with your Ford vehicle to improve any trip that you take. Make your way to Rtown Ford and figure out how this groundbreaking technology works today.

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