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Why You Should Change Your Oil

Baltimore oul change

One of the most efficient ways to make sure your Ford car, truck, or SUV model is running at peak performance is to regularly change your oil and switch out your filter. Using brand-new oil will guarantee that your engine is properly protected and lubricated. If you do not periodically change your oil, your engine can experience harmful metal-on-metal contact that can create severe issues for your Ford model. If you are searching for a place that performs efficient Baltimore oil changes, then there is no better place to go than your Ford dealership near Baltimore MD. The expert service department at Rtown Ford is ready to give you the exact type of oil that your Ford model requires to continue carrying you on all of your driving adventures. When you use oil that is the most compatible with your vehicle, you can actually enhance the fuel economy of your Ford model by as much as 2%!

Baltimore oil change

Do you have a Ford model year that is 2007 or older? The team at your Ford dealership suggests that you get an oil change every six months or 5,000 miles (whichever comes first). If you own a Ford model from 2008 or newer, then it is smart to switch out your oil every 7,500 miles or six months (whichever comes first). There are other factors that can affect the time and distance rate between your oil changes. If you constantly pull heavy loads down the road, find yourself idling at stops, or continually drive your Ford model at lower speeds, then you will want to change your oil more frequently. This is also true if you often go off the road in search of adventure. If your Ford models use E85 fuel more than 50%, then you certainly will want to follow this recommendation for your Ford dealership near Baltimore MD. We also suggest that you look over the owner’s manual of your Ford model to assist you in deciding when it is the best time to change your oil.  

Baltimore oil change

At Rtown Ford, we want our customers to know that Ford models are outfitted with the IOLM (intelligent oil-life monitor™) system that alerts you whenever it is time for an oil change. These notifications will send a message such as “Engine Oil Change Soon” or “Oil Change Required.” The remarkable IOLM system will also alert you whenever you need to have your filter serviced or if you have reduced fuel pressure. The team at your Ford dealership recommends that you also check out the available Ford Owner maintenance scheduler tool. You just have to enter the correct information, and you will find out when you should schedule your future service appointment with your Ford dealership. So why wait? Get the best oil that you can, and schedule an appointment with the professionals at Rtown Ford today!

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