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FordPass™ App

The FordPass™ app is available and fully prepared to take the way you travel to the next level. The team at your local Ford dealership is ready to walk you through how this app works and how it can make your Ford model more drivable than ever before. If you’re looking to use this app, all you have to do is download it, and you can connect it to your Ford directly. You will be able to use this app to keep track of key information such as your VIN, important service updates, and even the current weather wherever you go. FordPass™ can be your driving assistance anytime you travel. The team at Rtown Ford can help you connect FordPass™ to your favorite Ford model today. 

How to Use FordPass™

Connecting FordPass™ to your Ford model is an easy and simple process, working via the Ford SYNC® Connect system. Find out if your vehicle has the ability to support FordPass™ and all of the great features. Once you download the app, you’ll be able to access all of the important info on FordPass™ protected by a customizable pin. Boost your Ford’s drivability today with this fantastic app. 

The FordPass™ Park app will eliminate the stress that comes with searching all over for a parking spot that fits your vehicle. This program, available in select cities, can help you find the perfect parking spot for your exact vehicle. Users of this app will be able to search for parking by address, neighborhood, or specific landmarks. You can also reserve and pay for a parking spot when you use this app. You won’t have to search all over to find some loose change to stick into a meter, as you can cover the price of your parking via FordPass™ Park. Register your account today and make parking easier.

Ford Service

We offer many outstanding new Ford models in our inventory, including the Ford F-150, Ford Mustang, and Ford Explorer. All the latest FoYou will be able to use this app to lock, unlock, start, and turn off your Ford remotely. Drivers won’t have to search around a crowded parking lot after a long night when they take advantage of the location option on this app. If you want to set a time for your vehicle to start each day, this app lets you do that too. This app will keep track of your vehicle’s fluid levels through FordPass™, so you know when your vehicle will need to visit your local Ford dealership for a service appointment. FordPass™ will also let you know if your fuel level is low and show you all the nearby gas stations. You’ll be able to search for gas by brand, price, or fuel grade when you need to refill your tank.

It is always a great idea to be ready for whatever your trip entails, including being prepared for any intense weather changes. This is an important aspect of your trip, and this app will help you stay prepared. If you always stay aware of the weather whenever you travel, you will be able to do what it takes to ensure your vehicle remains operating at peak performance. Changing weather might mean you need more coolant or new wiper blades, so take care of that via the service department at your Ford destination before you start your trip. 

Whenever your Ford model is going through a recall, you will get an alert via the FordPass™ app. Once you know that there is a recall, you can bring your vehicle to our service center so it can get back out on the road at peak performance. You will also get constant health reports concerning your model. This report will include a number of important aspects of your vehicle including your tire pressure, odometer reading, and even the date of your next oil change. This app also lets you manage your service appointments and even pay for them via FordPay. Speaking of paying, you can also pay for your financing and keep track of those payments via Ford Credit. 

FordPass App

FordPass Rewards™ 

The FordPass Rewards™ program is here to replace the Ford Owners Advantage Rewards program, but all of your points will transfer over at full value. Drivers can use these points to cover service, parking, or to earn chances at exclusive Ford prizes. You can earn points whenever you buy a Ford vehicle or get it serviced. We offer many outstanding new Ford models in our inventory that are equipped with FordPass, including the Ford F-150, the Ford Explorer, the Ford Fusion, and many more. You can also engage with Ford to earn points, both online and offline. Fill out surveys or attend Ford-sponsored events so you can earn even more points. This program is a part of the FordPass™ app and comes with future and current offerings. Download the app or go to fordpassrewards.com to join.  

Do you have questions or comments about FordPass™? The professionals at your local Ford dealership are ready to help. Reach out and we will assist you in connecting FordPass™ to your Ford vehicle today.

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